Best Online Fundraising Platform for Your Nonprofit

Fundraising is a major source of income for nonprofits, but it can be difficult to organize this process. However, today’s technology is opening up new ways for companies to fundraise, which are several times faster and more effective than face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and email exchanges. No matter the size of your budget, fundraising platforms provide detailed reports, analytics, and integrated payment processing. Even if you don’t have enough experience, these apps can help you run a successful campaign, simplify the process, and expand your company’s reach. Below we highlight the best platforms for this purpose.

Jotform Platform

Jotform is a flexible, simple, and effective fundraising platform that allows you to customize or create your form template. These forms are, in turn, integrated with 30 top payment systems, including PayPal, Checkout, and others. This greatly simplifies the entire collection process for you and those wishing to donate because this way, donations will go directly to your organization. In addition, Jotform does not charge any fees for transferring payments through its space, which means you will receive a net amount, except for the expenses that payment systems charge. With Jotform’s spreadsheet feature, you can easily keep track of your donor list, which helps you organize and save all your transaction data. If you choose Jotform for your nonprofit, you are entitled to a 50% discount on its Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans.

Fundly Platform

Both individuals and nonprofits can use the Fundly Platform because it is a crowdfunding platform. Set up your fundraising page and share it among your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, family, etc. These people can further distribute your fundraising form among their social circles on various social networks and thus begin to collect donations. If you haven’t had experience creating a fundraiser before, Fundly will provide you with detailed guides, tips, and tutorials. Most importantly, the donation pages are adaptable to all devices and operating systems, and the free iOS app lets you monitor and edit the page whenever you want. Fundly charges a 4.9% commission on donations, but there are no initial fees, meaning you don’t have to reach a certain amount to access gifts.

Donorbox platform

Donorbox is a simple and transparent fundraising platform that takes 15 minutes to set up your donation page and start the collection process. Despite being easy to set up, the program has several powerful options: you can embed a donation form on your website or use the Donorbox popup widget. The app is very handy for donors because they can fully control their donations. The app encourages repeat donation and allows them to manage their monthly recurring donations, and you, in turn, can let them cover processing fees. It’s free to start fundraising with the Donorbox platform, but it charges a 1.5% fee and a processing fee. Donorbox also sets for additional integrations.

Donately Platform

Donately provides an extensive dashboard of features that streamlines your fundraising process by keeping it organized and centralized. You can use it to create donation pages, embeddable donation forms, peer-to-peer fundraisers, data reports, a donor portal, and more. You can also exchange text messages and integrate with the platform with Google, Zapier, Sheets, and more. This way, you can save time and optimize your processess. In addition, you can choose one of 3 plans, including a free one.

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